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Nextion Screen

Hey guys. I wanna ask a question for all of you.

How can I programmed my Screen for anybody else programmed except me. I need a password. I want to encrypt my screen for anybody else change my screen design. If there is a way please tell me.

See you guys.

Security of HMI design. 

- Right Click page in Page pane. 

- Choose Lock, enter password

- do this for each page you are worried about.

If someone loses their password for a locked page

- it will usually mean redoing your page

( Or perhaps I can charge a fee for rebuilding ... )


I wanna encrypt my screen not on the editor. If someone upload the new design ıt will not change. I want my nextion design stayed forever on the screen at least I changed. I hope you understand what I ment

So you were not clear about it in this manner.

First you used the word encrypt, without it meaning encrypt.

Firmware is not "encrypt able".  Only those with knowledge of the publically available protocol could alter running HMI with New HMI to run.  Such publically available protocol is also implemented in publically available Arduino code as NexUpload.  So Firmware that allows you to update also will allow someone with such knowledge to update the device.

Now if speaking about a device you plan to sell another, then ownership of the Nextion actually transfers - and owner of Nextion (the end user) is permitted under law to run their own on the hardware that is now theirs.  So locking into a non changeable firmware or HMI design is not possible.  If such a mechanism were to exist, that blocked users from changing the existing HMI design - it would also block your New HMI design, as such a mechanism to override your HMI lock is also what enables the end user to over ride the same said lock to put their own HMI design running on the said hardware.

This as you present is flawed logic.

Perhaps you wish to clarify further.

I could perhaps introduce a scenario of last design to write to device.

In such a scenario, the design would be locked from updates

but not you or not even me would be able to reverse such without damage.

I am certain this scenario is not what you speak as you mention

- "until you change" signalling it not being the very last design

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