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Two arduino boards

can you use two arduino boards with one nextion display?

if so, how? i've tried to do it but once i get it all hooked up, it does not work correctly

Since the connection between Nextion and Arduino is UART, it necessarily is an 1-on-1 connection. If you need to drive the same Nextion from different Arduinos, the safest way is to connect the Arduinos via another interface and have the one with the Nextion connected to it schedule the communications.


RS232 interface is a Master-Slave concept per design. One Master talks to one Slave ...

You can add multi Clients to the line, but there can only be one sending Master at the time.

As long as the Arduinos don't know from each other, it won't work ...
In case of any Nextion feedback,  to which Arduino shell it be send out ...

simply speaking, forget this idea ...

i was looking for one board to run a program completely separate from the other. i have a temperature program with heat and a/c control, but no matter what i do, i can't seem to run this on the same board as all my other listen for functions that i'm running as the temp control is too busy.

i tried putting in millis(), but then everything else stops working. 

Have you considered using interrupts?


You didn't write which processor you are using. Perhaps using a more powerful MCU might solve your problem. Or... your code is most probably not as efficient and optimized as it could be. See previous reply from Michael Harwerth
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