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Replacing the screen


I'm using a 4.3" Nextion in a motorcycle Dashboard project.

Obviously the daylight readability is quite crappy...
Can the original screen be replaced by a better screen like this ?
The connectors seem to be the same but is it sufficient to work properly with the nextion board ?

Different specs ... most likely no way for it to work

I was refering to this screen but I meant any other screen.
Is the pinout of the connectors that different ? It looks pretty similar.

What type of specs should I check for the compatibility ?

sorry, but the Nextion is no Open hardware ... therefore such details are not available for public ...

in general, it is not only a question of pinout and outlooking, also all electric specifications and dimensions of supporting parts on PCB must fit the used panel ...

such a replacement is always on your own risk, without support or guarantee that it finally work ...


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