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Nextion Games-Corner

Nextion Games-Corner

Here we will present games and fun ...

  - real running games ...
  - which run completely on your Nextion device ...
  - which brings your Nextion to it’s limit ...
  - ...

We won’t provide sources here

  - just the plain TFT ...
  - ready to upload ...
  - ready to play ...
  - ready to have fun ...

Why games on a Nextion HMI?

  - games are a great way to know your Nextion better ...
  - games bring your hardware to its limits ...
  - games show the limits of firmware ...
  - games are a great way to implement ideas ...
  - develope games just make fun ...
  - to show what is really possible on such a device ...
  - ...

This thread is locked, no discussions or questions here. If somebody still want to know anything besides playing, just open a thread at our Free Chat section ...

Stay tuned, come here often and see what your Nextion is able to do ...

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Nextion Pong

One of our first we did ...

A classic PONG Game for your Nextion. Just tap the Logo-Screen, and the game starts.

Move the green racket at left with your finger up and down, and try to hit the red ball ... that’s all ...

What does it bring to the Nextion?

     - smooth Sprite movement without any flickering
     - collision detection
     - sprite animation


(675 KB)

Nextion Senso aka Simon says ...
NX4832K035 + additional speaker

Memories of the early 1980's come back ...

The classic "Simon says ..." game, in Europe promoted as "Senso ..." ... 

    - choose the level, and enjoy ...

    - a random sequence of lights and tones must be retyped ... against the time ...

The game offers also tone output as the original does, therefore an expansion board is needed to have the full enjoyment ... but it also runs without ...

What does it bring to the Nextion?

    - asynchronous Timer events

    - clever Ressource usage

    - time dependent inputs

    - user input parsing

    - tone generation

    - visual effects

(1.12 MB)

Nextion Space Invaders is coming ...


Stay Tuned

Nextion Mastermind ... NX4832K035

Nextion is your opponent, picks random 4 pegs

Now you have up to 10 moves to guess which ones

- 1 black peg = right color, wrong placement

- 1 white peg = right color, right placement

Bonne Chance, and Enjoy


The Nextion strikes back ...

Not directly a game, but still a good entertainment ...

    - You ever saw what can happen when you don't treat your Nextion well?
    - You ever experienced an angry STM?

and be aware, that's no warranty case ...

What does it bring to the Nextion?

    - smooth Sprite Animation
    - smooth 3D Animation
    - visual effects


(4.55 MB)

Nextion Tic-Tac-Toe




Nextion QuadroMania ...

Memories of the early 1980's come back ...

QuadroMania is a small Brain-Teasing Puzzle Game, based on an Idea I had around 30 years ago.
This is a plain implementation for Nextion Displays, based on the original code for a native MS-DOS PC.

    - imagine you have a set of simple squared paper cards.
    - they are all colored different on their backside and frontside.
    - the front is gray, the back is brown.
    - now, all cards are arranged in a big square grid 15x15, with gray side up.
    - the Nextion picks randomly a square of 9, based on 3x3 cards, and flip them each once.
    - Flipping once means, under side comes up, upper side comes down.
    - after a few overlapping cycles, the whole square looks a bit crazy ...

Your task is, choose again a grid 3x3, click the middle card and swap them again, that all cards became gray side up again.

What does it bring to the Nextion?

    - fun, fun, fun

    - true Object fading

    - true page transition effects

    - games logic

    - user interaction


Nextion Ascot Racer ...

Have you ever been interested in horse race? Do you like to gamble and bet?

Then Nextion Ascot Racer is the right for you ... Just let them run, and bet ...

What does it bring to the Nextion?

    - flickerfree animation

    - smooth Sprite movement

    - animated Sprites
    - true page transitions



NX8048K070_011C - Capacitive 7"


left slider - controls up/down, (centered: stop, half: +/- 1, full: continuous)
right slider - controls left/right, (centered: stop, half: +/- 1, full: continuous)
Easter Eggs
  - etcher-sketcher - reset Nextion,
  - etcher-sketcher - restart page
Capacitive Touch - uses both controls simultaneously.