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Names/aliases for pictures

Hi. For now, pictures have only ID. When I delete one of pictures, rest of them move up. If somewhere in code pictures is dynamic swaped, all ID's don't match.

Pages have names, so they don't mess up, when ID of pages is changed. 

Strategy is:

  use the arrow up/dn on toolbar to position your components

  Bring Bottom down makes component id = 1

  Bring Top up makes component id as last or highest id

By completing bit by bit, position those not to be touched the lowest

    this way a deletion will not alter its number id

This is also the reason why picture replace feature is available.

   using the refresh icon in the Picture pane.

ps: STRING names take a fair amount of space in firmware and SRAM

I noticed that recent changes in v0.42/v0.43 

   the pagename on pagepane is now combined with components .objname

   and removed from the page - this move to save space.

So I am being realistic when I state

    adding a picture name will likely not be taken when they are getting rid of

    to free up firmware space

Users often complain about lack of space in flash or sram?

I've have indeed seen it.  But super simple. 

When TFT doesn't compile or upload as it simply isn't there

 - there is nothing to be said.

Like no one really comes to the forum to say:

  How come I can't upload when file size is greater than Flash?

I made a personal commitment to let users know and keep them informed

as there was no news back to the users for quiet a long stretch.  As such, I

think you would prefer me to give you as straight an answer as I can rather

than an empty "thank you for your input", with no reply when it won't be done

Thank you for you answers :) you have right, at last you always answer honestly and quick. I appreciate it.

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