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Nextion Enhanced Model - 2 countdown timers


i want to create 2 cowntdown timers, and when timer 1 ends then star 2 timer. any help?

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.en property of timers will help .... ?


Thank you for that... Now can you help me with if fiction? I want to create "and" If (n6.val=3) then .... && is correct?

Nextion Instruction Set is your friend

- it can be found by clicking the Instructions tab in Nextion Editor

- Click on 3 Nextion Instruction Set,  

- then click its view more details

- Click on 2.24 if: if statement

Review the examples of if usage, especially Remarks section

Note: there are a couple of space issues in N.I.S.

if(expression)  - there is no space between if and parenthesis

}else - there is no space between brace and else

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i want to create 1 countdown timers,  any help

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