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touch position streaming

sendxy=1 enables transmission of touch position upon a touch acquire and release. 

How can I enable continuous transmission of touch position between the acuire and release, such as when dragging?


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momentary you can't ...

a permanent streaming of touch coordinates is alrady on our list, but no ETA about ...

Not yet possible.  Also beware that such continuous transmission would lead to a buffer overflow.

This feature request is being considered in another thread.

Not reading the existing requests damages your chances of your request being taken seriously.

When a user puts a request through, the the community is suppose to upvote.

This upvoting provides Itead with the ability to see what is important based on votes.

But four threads with the same request has votes spread thin

The community risks a less important feature winning the vote.

Not really important feature:  5 votes

Wanted feature (thread 1): 4 votes

Wanted feature (thread 2): 3 votes

Wanted feature (thread 3): 4 votes

Wanted feature (thread 4): 2 votes

Your requested feature will loose to a 5 vote

as it isn't apparent your feature actually had 13 votes

So I'd recommend upvoting the existing requests

 - that is you really wanted it

 - and if you didn't, well waste of time and effort.

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