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Sendme not sending page ID

I have a NX4024T032_011 operating. On all pages I have a sendme in the pre-initialise event.

 As read on TeraTerm I get fYYY ( with funny dots) ie 61 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF. The page id is totally missing on all pages

Thus starts to happen at speeds > 9600 Baud, but even at 9600 its iffy as to whether I receive the page ID.

Anyone ideas?


just a quick question ....

what makes you sure that the error is on sending side and not on receiving side?

even on TeraTerm I can have a wrong setting? Are you using 8n1?

Not enough to say what TeraTerm states
What does MCU catch, and what does Nextion Debug Simulator Send

If dealing with Arduino Library, did you mod it to catch 0x66 Return Codes?

And if you didn't then, how did you expect to catch it.

sendme only need be sent once, not on every page.

This is an option that if you want is best set MCU side

perhaps in the nexInit() function in NexHardware.cpp as


I connected the Nextion to Teraterm to fully check the send items. This eliminates the MCU I am connected to.  The Nextion is transmitting button features correctly from all pages. The problem is only the page information

This is from teraterm.. The #1, #2, #3 are from print commands associated with buttons, The fyyy are the page changes, ie no page number


Also can you explain sendme ' only sent once"  The instruction set says

"If you want the page auto-send pageID every refresh, simply enter sendme in page initialize event"

Debug shows the page number as being transmitted.......

So standard Ansi/Lower Ascii of the ISO-8859-1 define values 0 to 31 as non-printable characters.

Nextion debug shows the number being transmitted, TeraTerm has no character to display this number

- hence why much of debugging is done in hexadecimal.

Again as for where sendme is activated from makes no difference, and as the NIS sendme states

page initialization event (pre or post doesn't make much difference, nor via serial from your MCU)

But it only needs to be sent once, there is no off setting for it so it will remain until nextion is reset.

page0 preinitialization or postinitialize event is commonly used for many setups

But again only needed to be sent once.

(Try just once and see if you have any means of stopping all other page changes from sending).

So only difference of where it is activated is coding style.

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