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[x] Waveform scale problem

I have a 320x320 pixel waveform object.

When I add a point with the maximum value (255), it is not represented at the maximum value. 

You can see in the image that it does not reach the maximum.

Does this mean that you can not create Waveform objects with more than 255 points in height?

add 1,0,255



This is not a bug.

The documentation of Nextion commands states very clear the range of a WaveForms value .

(268 KB)

Yes, it is clear that the range is 0 to 255.

But not in the documentation does not appear anything about the maximum value of height that can have the object.

For example, you can have the Waveform object with a height of 510 pixels. When you send 255 (maximum value) it must correspond to the maximum of the object's Y axis.

sorry, but I don't see a must ...

    - there is no autoscaling, neither for a Waveform nor for any other object
    - the value range is stated clearly from 0-255

When you already know this, where is the sense to choose a hight more than the maximum possible range value?

A Button is also not limited (or scaled up/down) to its fontheight ... and neither is the Waveform to its scale maximum ... nor is any other object ...

Would we also call it a bug, when we choose a Waveform height less than 255 ... and send a value of 255 ... and wonder why it is not displayed well?

Sorry, but the right choice of object dimensions is a user task ...

Take a Gauge ... its range is exactly 360' ... when your Gauge is small, all looks great, but the bigger the Gauge becames, the more you can see a gap between the 1' steps ... and again, the design of your HMI is yours ...


This means the firmware Waveform Component is limited to 0..255

Users are free to do their own if the included is insufficient - but that coding is your own.

This is not a BUG, this is a known limitation.


as Patrick stated, it is no big issue to create your own Waveform without the limitations of the native one ... but that's on your own ...

the attached film uses such a selfmade ...



OK. I get it.

In my application I use the screen in vertical format, with which I have 480 pixels in height. So I can not use the Waveform object to full screen. Is it so?

I thought it was a bug as contrary to the object "progess bar" it if you have autoscaling although the value is between 0 and 100.

at least not when you also like to display 480 pixels as max. value ...

but as told, you can make your own ... that's no real big work ... a background grafic, the line command ...

the ProgressBar is per se a 100% view object,  the Gauge a 360" view ...

OK. I'll try to do it myself.

What commands have been used to make the example shown in the previous video?

Thank you for your help.

as told

    - a graphic for the whole grid background ...
    - variables for your datapoints
    - line commands ...
    - and a little logic for all


Nextion Instruction Set Gui Commands for my 6 channel full screen

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