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Stand alone .tft uploader


I have been looking in alot of threads already. I did find an .exe to upload .tft files to a Nextion HMI. However it simply doesn't work. 

The topic is also closed, so it isn't possible to get in touch with the creators.

I think it would be awesome to implement an .tft possibility to upload via the nextion editor. Or even better a stand alone program.

There was one thread (where I found the .exe)

Here it says it has been implemented? But I can't seem to find any way to upload it.

I still think for production environments it would be great to have a possibility to select a .tft (compiled) file and be able to upload it directly to the screen via USB.

The micro sd slot isn't an option, since in most production environments, there is a case around the screen.

Maybe I am just too blind to see the solution? But I couldn't find one.

Kind regards,


the creator of that exe is still here ... maybe it is me?

"However it simply doesn't work." is also a bit too vague to give any hint ... maybe you just didnt set the right baudrate or comport?

anyway, you already can upload any tft to your display ... just open the Editor plain, and before open any HMI just press the upload button ... a file dialog opens ... just choose the tft and upload ...


That was you indeed!

I set the baudrate, comport and delay. Tried about everything but it didn't work.

However, I tried it without opening a HMI. This seems to work fine as well.  Maybe this could be the solution. Thanks for the input!

maybe an issue with your USB adapter ... maybe a WIndows-setting ...

what do you mean with "didn't work"?, where did the software stop, was there an error, ...

which parameters are reported from Editor when you start an upload ... 

btw. the upload protocol and procedure is publically available ... so, everybody can feel free and implement it into his own code ...

I went back and colored the top section containing the Blog link:

Regarding the Firmware Update the Upload protocol was published

  Blog : Nextion HMI Upload Protocol (blog post)

As such, the Feature Request requested is deemed Implemented

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