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Creating the Space Invaders Game within Nextion Logic

Two thirds complete ....


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Space invaders is taking a bit longer than I thought

 - intentionally delayed at first to take advantage of multi-touch on the new Capacitive Nextion

 - 2.8" version scrapped.



Can you send me the * .hmi?

Best regards



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„Why?“ - Best reply ever! :-D

6 months of tinkering towards trying to achieve accuracy

In the old days,

   beggars would offer up their warez they had to see if there was some way to trigger interest in a trade.


   the gimme-gimme crowd somehow thinks such effort is worthless to be given away without thought.


    not even a "Here's a crappy button I can give you" like the noobs use to do - pretty insulting.

I would be interested in how the sprites are programmed.

Sorry, sprites aren't programmed.

To ask how a sprite is made, is somewhat a contradiction in using the word sprite.

 - to use the word sprite and imply that sprites are used,

     - then by definition of a sprite,

         - one might already know what a sprite is,

         - that such a sprite isn't programmed,

     but perhaps even envision several techniques to even create such a sprite.

If you are not referring to how sprites are made, then what remains is the game logic.

 - perhaps, one can then say they are then programmed "purposefully" or "pain-stakingly".

Is this project Nextion HMI only or does it require an MCU?

This is done entirely in Nextion Logic, no external MCU

  - as told in thread title