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Minimum & Maximum values for ProgressBar

Present, the value for progress is just a value, could you please a future like minimum and maximum range.

With present future, if the value is greater or equal to 50 then it shows slightly ok in the form of progressbar and if the value very less it seems like nothing.

suppose, we have value range between 25 ~ 35 then progress bar will not look so good.

As in Ms Visual Studio C# there is an option of mini & Maxi range values for progressbar. in this manner, we can put mini val=0 and maxi val =40 or 50 as per requirement for batter look.

or if you have any idea to achieve this then please guide me

Thanks for valuable support  

A progress bar shows percentages, as such 0% to 100%

This is minimum value of 0 and maximum value of 100.

Percentage of values within a range is proportional

if 25 is 0 and 35 is 100, then math states value-lower*100/spread

 or 25-25*100/10 = 0  30-25*100/10 = 50 and 35-25*100/10 = 100

How i can use this in 

Lets suppose, t0.txt=30 and j0 a progresbar

for conversion, 

cov t0.txt,j0.val,0

with this conversion, this 30 of text t0 will show on ProgressBar as 30% but i want to show it with some addition as 30+35 = 65% or any additive value want to show on ProgressBar

a video is attached in which conversion of temperature and humidity to progressbars but progress bars looks very empty

i want to add some value in it

(1.35 MB)

It looks like if you have made it that far you shouldn't have much issue to do so.


I am using 5 vertical progress bars and under each one is a number box. I am monitoring machine cycles in seconds. I want the progress bar because it gives you great visual as to how the last 5 cycles ran. The cycle can go over 100 seconds and the number box displays that just fine. So I added this code to the HMI so that the progress bar(s) would be able to display up to 300 seconds or 5 minutes. The only issue I have is that if I am on the Progress bar screen at the time the Progress bar is being updated I don't see it change. If I switch to my run or main screen and come back the data is correct and stays there between screen changes.

I am not real clear on preinitialize and postinitialize maybe that is my error. 




- PreInitialize happens before page is loaded

- PostInitialize happs after page is loaded.

The End.

Hope this explains PreInitialize and PostInitialize.

I also face this issue but it was solved If you send the same command through MCU in the loop then it will work as per your requirements
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