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4-pin connector too close to the edge...

A little note...

The UART interface connector is located too close to the edge of the board. When the installation of the display in the housing, I must to leave a gap of at least 5 mm or more from the edge of the display to the wall of the case. This increases size of case and adds a border around the active display area, which is not always looks harmonious. In compact housing I compelled fluster the wires to the connector (see photo).

I propose to move the interface connector away from the edge.

(216 KB)
(141 KB)

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Factory set it to point outward because users requested it to be accessible via port through case

anyhow you do, there is always the one out who like it different ... for such a product, we need to care for the majority ...

Interesting!  I wonder how many people actually access it that way?

One option, which I know would increase cost a bit, would be to have two connectors wired in parallel... one facing the side and the other facing the rear.  That way the user could choose whatever works best for their application.


Itead would probably customize to the user when order is big enough

I would say all who bought such a display do also use it as it is, besides the very few who are able to resolder ...

even a little change can became very expensive. New PCB layout, testing, new certificates, even the readjust of the whole automated manufacturing process is not a cheap one and must be done with care ... ... ... and makes only sense for a given quantity ...


Regardless of design decision, they would need to exhaust supplies of existing design before a new revision is possible.

It also wouldn't make sense to go through expensive continuous retooling.  So such a revision could never be so soon.

"even a little change can became very expensive..."

Very?.. You could just add the pads for soldering the second (duplicate) connector. It does not need to reconfigure the automatic Assembly line. You will need to update just two of the photomask (for one side copper layer and solder mask) and electrotesting. The user can solder the connector itself.

Those whom will make such a decision (as was stated earlier) will be informed of the request.

From here on out, the only thing that can be done is wait to see what they have decided.

We will of course post again when and if more is known

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