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xstr but for boxes

Hello again. Are you able to make an xstr but for the boxes (buttons)

What else would a box be but four lines or one rectangle filled?

What a GUI designed box will lack is touch events (press/released)

If you mean printing with xstr on top of a button, just use xstr

sorry, I mean to make a box like the xstr command with a touch to it

Sorry, the Nextion is a small MCU, and not an infinite compute module.

As such Components must be designed and known at build time.

This way they are present in a lookup table.

In the fashion of touch press and touch release for components in the HMI

a box created at runtime in the gui would have no commands in the lookups

to match its touch press and touch release too.

One could use sendxy=1 which would send the xy coordinates to the MCU

this code would be up to the user to craft as desired.

oh cool thanks

good idea ; thank you

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