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Personal Request

I want to make analog clock and, I have read this The Yet-to-be-Documented B[ ] Component Array
but somehow i still cant manage to do it, i try to download your sample but cant be opened in v043... then can you explain in personal how to it without gauges?

(7.9 KB)

 i'm also trying to use 1x1 image to get the crop... its fine in simulator, but in real device it failed.

(98 KB)
(8.2 KB)

Picture resources have to be minimum 2x2.

You will notice that I give up a lot of my knowledge to this forum, the Analog Three Handed Clock is one of my few personal trophies.  I hope you will understand when I request that I be allowed to keep a few coding tricks for myself.  It is impossible to do with three gauge components.

Here is a v0.43 TFT to show that it still works.

This you can run in debug mode, but no source.

(397 KB)
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