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Waveform history viewer

Hello! I create a waveform with "ch" = 2 values. Temperature, humidity, My 1 questions is in x value how to add 0 to 100 Celsius number? In y values I want to add time period to record values every 2 hours and max 30 days.. How to add date and time together? Question 2 I want to record this values for 30 days. How to view history graph? I think this values "run" front.. And hide graph?? How to create this?
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Set waveform to 100px height and 360px wide.  (12x30)

add 0,1,<value>  // for temp

add 0,2,<value>  // for humidity

Viewing this "history graph" is when waveform is shown

each pixel is 1 piece of data,

  therefore time is 1px wide

  therefore day is 12 px wide

I do not see a quick reasonable means to have date/time

Recording for 30 days is either

 - waveform page is constant displayed 30 days solid

 - data is recorded MCU side

   - waveform is refreshed with last 720 data points when page changes

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