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Do Not post user coding errors as Bug Reports

[Edited: Reporting coding issues as a Bug Report to attain some semblance of  priority handling is not deemed appropriate.  If help for code is wanted, one shall post in Free Chat where their willing peers can assist.  As per Nextion FAQs, support is limited to Level 2 hardware support, it is not our duty to debug user code.

This has again wasted time and resources.  If the users want to have their Bug Reports taken seriously and addressed, then the users should not cry wolf.  Continuing to cry wolf will lead down the path that Bug Reports are not taken seriously - and that is something we do not want.]

Nextion touch Does not Working after Firmware Upgrade

Nextion display does not responding to touch after i upgrading the firmware...

Plz help me

But it responds the touch if we add a Personalised event Touch_j and gives the coordinates of touch

i think this is the Firmware problem Plz fix it

(1.42 MB)

Sorry this is not a firmware bug shown by the fact touch_j functions

If it were a Firmware problem, then 1000s of Nextions do not work.

Firmware is a small part of the file that may or may not change with versions.

Your HMI design makes up the remainder of the file.

You will approach this properly and post in Free Chat where peers can assist.

I further find this is a project to be submitted .... ;)

Not fair to others for us to do your project

Examined your code, Nextion sends data when requested

But this sketch was not workings on my Nextion Display...
As you suggested that add Touch_j event in HMI file then u added it then it respond but gives only coordinate of screen i touch means touch was been working but ...
as in uploaded HMI file the touch was not works


Still not works i have checked lots of time..
i also checked with previous version of IDE..
Right now i am using V0.43
At least tell me that is touch will get damage of your display because i can be able to program the display as well i can be able to print the values from Arduino..
Only the thing that was not working is the touch to open the next page as well as Hotspot..
Please help me as i have to submit my project to my college


I am not sure what the competition is, but It looks like a nice project.

I do not know the rules of your competition.

So I would not want to give unfair advantage to Group 6 that hurts your chances.

Please explain what the project is for

 our project is based on Smart Water meter...

We are measuring the Force of water and Total usage of water...

as well we can be able to open or close the Tap from GUI based display..

in Feature we are going to implement Billis info

and indeed, programming issues are no Nextion bug ... sorry ...

please, can this be continued at FreeChat?


 Two three days ago it was works well but well but now it does not responding to touch...

if we implement a touch_j personalised event then it showing below GUI in this GUI touch was working...

but in my proj.hmifile it wasn't

Your problem still exists and may not have been resolved ...

But as this is not a firmware issue the Bug Report is Solved.

I find myself conflicted that this is your college project.
I do no justice to Employer or Industry to solve your issue.

Either you have the skills needed to earn a pass or you don't.
I suggest you confer with your two other colleagues to find your code errors

 at least tell me was touch gone out working then i can buy another one nextion display...

Please tell me

Where is your backup from two three days ago when it was working?

Just go back to known good code and continue forward.

there is no code error Display does not responding to touch

[Edited: Definitive coding error in attached ino code]


(3.91 KB)
i also does that i program the Display with older IDE then also it giving same problem