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Debug Window - Way to copy the HEX data returned in results?

I've been playing around with the debug window.  At odd times, I notice unexpected behaviour where the Simulator and MCU message windows both starting showing rapid returned messages while none are expected. Almost like an endless loop. Anyway, is there a way to get a dump of the HEX data returned so I can throw them in an online converter to translate it?   I can't seem to copy the results from either window.


You can use my Hex2Asc tool attached below

Will add to Tools Tips Tricks and How TOs

Use in this manner


(257 KB)

Thx, but that's not the issue.  Issue is, you cant select/copy from the output windows.  Is there a log file I can pull them from?

Hmmm, There is no dump or logs of.

I do see this 1A when non global is attempting to be called from other page.

At that time, if not global, variable is not in memory.

OK Thx I'll check the variable. As for the windows not allowing output copy, maybe I'll make it a feature request.

Feature has already been favourably reported  ;)

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