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WEB radio player project

 You need Nextion display, ESP8266 and VS1053 modules

 Here the link of project

 you have there link to hmi project file, with ALL INCLUDED, not like others, only tft or even little..
 Hope you like it, for sure can have more better improvements, but as beginner, that it is.
  Thanks to all members who help me with many advice's !

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every contribution is appreciated, not only sources, and you should not blame the others who have maybe a good reason not to post theirs ...

not every posted project is OpenSource ...

and just to mention, your choice to publish all on Google-Drive already restrict ~25% of worlds population from access ... Google is not available in major parts of the world ... :-)


Bravo, Good Job.  Many hours.

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@Gerry, for that I post in this forum, if someone cannot take it, can asking and I send it without any restriction. Maybe can be find it here another good friends who decide to share their projects as open, even a little one, That is a gain for all !

absolutely, as told, we are happy about every contribution ...

and also my respect to yours, very well done ...

but I also like to mention again, people out are able to learn from any contribution, not only sources.

    - videos about a project

    - TFT's about a project

    - a simple verbal description of a project

all has its value and is appreciated ... Many times a simple photo just gives the idea and inspiration to do something on jour own. Sources are not mandantory a need ... and indeed no must ...

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