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nextion display with ardiunio uno error

anybody please help me

i was try to clear this error couple of days i can't  find tha t solution 

fatal error: Nextion.h.: No such file or directory


here, does not change colour 

It's because you have not installed the Nextion library. Probably the first one in the list:✓&q=nextion

i installed neonextion library.. its working

but its code totally different from nextion master..

i'm not good with program....

i need page call back... sketch

when compared to nextion master these commands are totally different.... that setch was i can understand but, that was not working.... 


plz send page call back sketch... for my display


thank you for your help dave A

Have a look at my WIoT write up. Ive referenced links in there that show how to use the Nextion library. I used it for both WIoT and WIoT-2.

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