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Gauge Problem

Hi, i've a Display Nextion NX4024T032_011R. When i move automatically the gauges for 3 steps at a time, they disappear in every steps. The effect is very ugly. How can i fix it? Thanks

What effect do you have when using a smaller gauge

... say 120x120 quarter the size of what you have now.

i try it but it has the same problem

upload the HMI and I will take a look


(413 KB)

I don't see anything with your setup that can be optimized

I added two hotspots per gauge + and ++

- the + increases gauge by 3

- the ++ does a 360

Putting this on a 3.2" device I noted

- single stepping by 3, the human eye doesn't really pick up the effect.

  ever so slightly if at all

- doing the 360, the effect perhaps picked up visually a bit more.

  - this I do not see as avoidable.

- the smaller 120x120 has less pixels (25%) and has less effect.

A gauge needs to erase the current square to redraw the new

this takes time, and perhaps you are sensitive to it

Creating a series of pictures for each step lessens the time needed

as it only overdraws the existing, but yo still may be sensitive to the effect

In a real HMI environment, the data being displayed is more important

but you need to remember this is not a computer system or cell phone

Data usually will be in smaller incremental steps, usually not 20 per second

in the fashion your showcasing (full 360° in 6 seconds).

(419 KB)
but in a most complicated project a series of pictures for each step is much difficult because the display memory is too small. If were possible to rotate a image cursor created solve the problem would be simpler!

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Depends on the display 2.4" Basic 4MB, 3.5" Enhanced 32MB

Flash size can also be customized when ordering.

Gerry Kropf is the gauge master, rotating can be done to create your series of pictures (your fav graphics software), only the area where the pointer travels needs be captured and then picture swapped in response to the value.  Rotating on device is not achievable - a graphics library will not fit in the space with firmware and still provide user space for HMI

How can I customize Flash size when i order the diplay? My new project is for Nextion 5" Enhanced but 32 Mb are too few. Thanks

I'll get back to you on this, I know I saw it somewhere, either their blog, fb ... but I have seen it, I am not sure where.   I would question if above 32MB is possible though.

if is possible, it would be fantastic! because if i put one pic for all ever steps of gauge,32MB are too few. Can't i loading the pic in sd card?

microSD card cannot be used in this manner. loading tft only at present.

I certainly wouldn't use 32MB on gauges in an HMI.

There is nothing wrong with using what space is available,

but this you do after the remainder of your HMI is completed

but how i use the gauges if the curson gauge desappear in all ever the steps?! The effect is orrible!

For what purpose is your gauge - and does it need to be perpetually in motion?

I didn't find great issue with +3 only.  The effect is only when you wanted to do this many times repeatedly.

Yes, They are perpetually in motion. They measure the Turbine Pressure 

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