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Creating a Nextion Piano within Nextion Logic Questins

Please explain this statement from the piano example - pwmf=b[sys0+26].val*3

In the HMI, I could not find a component called "b" and the use of the square brackets is mystery.

It appears that the bracketed value is an index into an array but I can't find any information in the Nextion instructions.

Also is it possible to do a "click" command across pages?  I get a compiler error when I try using this example  from a page1 button - click page2.b0,0

Thank you


1) pwmf sets the PWM frequency, the frequency is equated as val multiplied by 3.

    I found tones were more pleasant using a multiplier at fractional duty

    identifying the component of b[sys0+26] renders a variable holding base freq for the equation.

2) The b[.id] component array was discovered  by user indev2 in version 0.38 of the Nextion Editor.  Every component has an .id attribute, and access the component attribute via b[.id].attribute. Since then it was used officially in the keyboard source as well as revealing the p[number] page index.

3) I never tried to click across pages as pages not current are not in memory.

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So since I never tried before - I decided to attempt a click across pages.

Compile error 0x02 Parse:Invalid Component ID

So click is limited to components on the current page

- but you already knew that when you saw your compile error

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Thanks Martin.  Now I understand the b[id] component usage.



The b[.id] component array is very powerful.  A very welcome discovery that allowed for component access via the array in a for and while loop.  This cut down massively long if() else if() else ...  The attributes accessed when using the b[.id].attribute MUST exist, so the user needs to be certain that the assignment will work, otherwise the firmware melts and you don't get the effect you are looking for.

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