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Auto power off function would be great.

If i switch on remotely, it would be great if i can set a timer when the device switch off automatically (for example after 10 sec/min/hour).

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Or modify the self-locking smart switch, so that the user can change the self-locking time in a. rage between 500ms up to 24 hours instead of the. fixed 1 second puls. That. would make the self-locking smart switch much more flexible regards Michael
There is no automatic off rigged by on.
I just like to have my bathroom light to turn off 15 minutes after someone touch the wall switch (and turn it on). IT CANT BE DONE, UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!

I tried to address this shortcoming with the Facebook support, but this was to complicated for them to understand.


But I can schedule an on/off action at a certain date next year. I can't even imagine why I need that.

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I also need this feature.

I use SONOFF® S20 for IR Panel for heating and if someone neead more heat he can press button

but then I want that the device power off after 1 hour or something that I can setup.

The same can be used for lights, watering,...

This is MUST FEATURE that device is usable...

As per my other comment, another system I have can do this.

If *front door* opens between 18:00 - 06:00, then switch on *lamp* for 30 seconds after *front door* closes.

This is real, usable rule with conditions and timing.

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What is the name of the other systems can do switch on lamps for 30 secounds ....

Can't the countdown timer be set permanently, I have sensors that will turn my lights on but I want them in specific scenario's to turn off after 10 to 15min. The countdown timer would do this but it will only run once off, the manually started again, that is frustrating as hell.
The other issue is no scheduling ability to disable sensors without disabling the Sonoff bridge using smart power adapter, very limiting, as then you need a bridge for sensors and one for other RF devices, and if you want to separate sensors for specific scenario's you will need another bridge and smart power adapter.

Need courtesy lights, PIR trigger via RF bridge, switches on some lights, all doable, then i need the light to auto switch off after 5 minutes, every time, any suggestions?

Hi, you can achieve this by configuring a loop timer with "start action" off. Then you set the "after" setting to the desired time and the "action" to off and then enable

Minimum time and granularity is 1 minute, Maximum time is 23hs 59 min

Hope this helps

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