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Copy element to other page without moving it

For now, when I copy anything and paste, it would be moved x+12, y+12.

On this same page it's logical, but when i copy/paste to another page isnt (for me).

Also, im using this to duplicate buttons on several pages, so I want to have them exactly in this same places.

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hey mav

perhaps something I do may help

copy the whole page, and remove the unwanted components from the copy.

This starts with all components exactly in the same place.

Yes, your solution is great for new pages.

How about pages, that already exist?

At the moment it is a +12 as you pointed out

This requires me using the keyboard arrow keys 12 up and 12 left just after copy.

I understand their reasoning for the +12

When copied as +0 covering and overlays components under it - it is a pain to fix.

I will report and see what becomes of it

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