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How to close keybdB while another keybdB window is open?

Good day, I do use two numeric keybdB's in my project. - One i use as original numeric keypad to enter numbers in a number field. - The other i use as a pop-up window. If i open the popup window, and click on a "number field". The numeric keypad shows up as expected. Then if i press the "Ok" button of the numeric keypad, the pop-up window is moving to the foreground, only the numeric keypad won't close before i close the pop-up window. It seems like i can't refresh the page from which i did open the pop-up window if the numeric keypad is also opened? Is there any option to close the numeric keypad without closing the pop-up window? I did attach a picture of the situation in the .pdf file. Some how i miss the option to paste my screenshot in this post.
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Your work flow needs to end with the calling of a page command.

Hey Patrick, Thanks for your reply. It seems like i'm missing some point. Say 1 have 3 pages. Page 0 - Main page Page 1 - Numeric keypad Page 2 - Pop-Up window If i'm on page 0, and press on a hotspot in which im calling Page 2 in the Touch Press Event, the so called popup window (Page 2) appears on top of Page 0. So far so good. In the Pop-Up window i've placed "Numbers" from where i call Page 1, the Keypad. When i click the "Number" the keypad is on top of page 0 and page 2. So far still good. Then when i have entered the input on the keypad, and click "Ok" The input is written to the number, and I do need to return to Page 2. This is happening, only at this moment Page 2 shows up over the keypad. But on Page 0 i still see the remaining part of the keypad. What do i need to do to "close" the entire keypad?? As i do it now it's only working if i call Page 0 from the keypad. But then Page 2, the Pop-Up keypad is also closed.. It need to stay open to enter other variables. I have attached a '3.5" enchanted' HMI file what clearly shows the problem. It would be appreciated if you can take a look at it and advise me how to solve this.
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You have two pages set with no background 

 - the keybdB and your page2

Neither will draw anything other than their own components in this mode

- remnants outside of new page components on the leaving page remains

                                   (page2)                                    (keybdB)

One way to solve is setting a background on page2

So by setting your background on page2 will remove this effect

 - change .sta to either image or solid color

 - set pic to full screen 320x480 picture or set a .bco color

Second way of solving is making page2.t0 the size and placement of keybdB

or reducing the keybdB size so keybdB and page2.t0 match

- in this manner when keyboard starts, this is fine,  when the keyboard OK

  returns to page2, t0 is large enough to redraw where keyboard was

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