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Can I drive my nextion with STM32F103C8T6 instead of arduino?


I have a big nextion project so arduino's sram is not enough. It is only 8kb. I will use teensy 3.2 but it is very expensive. As a result of my research I found TM32F103C8T6 on aliexpress. Link:

If it is not possible with nextion, please suggest a Low cost and have more sram(at least 16kb)  development board

as long as your choosed MCU can handle simple "serial write" and "serial read", the Nextion can be used ...

- coding / up to you
- hardware / in worst case you need also a level shifter to connect a Nextion to your MCU


Strongly recommended, read the datasheet of your choosed MCU ...

The Nextion is accepts much of its commands via text over serial
These commands can be found in the Nextion Instruction Set located here

As well as the list of Nextion commands, the Nextion Instruction Set also has
a list of the valid Nextion Return Codes and the format of the expected data being returned.

Other samples and Tutorials can be located in the Itead Blog located here

Further Information can be found in the posts in the Announcement section of the Forum
Nexion FAQs
Nextion Users manual

The STM32F103RBT6 also offers additional SRAM to 20K

Many times looking for the STMs, you will find the RBT6 at same price as C8T6

Hi Thank for replying. I am good at arduino programming so i will use stmduino (programmable withe arduino ide). I don't know any knowledge other deveplopment boards. Patrick, i have a questions. 1-) Can I use C8T6 or RBT6 with arduino library ? My English is not good, sorryfor that

I can say there is more support for Arduino and ARM (STMs) lately.  The STMF103 is an ARM Cortex-M3 and similar to the Due.  As such there is a common ground for Core MCU functionality.  Where the ARM Cortex M3s differ (Due vs STM32 vs GD32 ...) is in some of the manufacturer's bells and whistles which is optional and not dictated by the ARM design.

Itead sells an Iteadmaple STM32F103RBT6 (and currently on sale $5.80USD) which I have ordered a few but haven't had a chance to dig in with them as of yet.  Stated by another user using it: and it works fine.

Personally most of my STM programming is in mikroPascal Pro for ARM.

But, Regardless of compiler - digging into the ST Manuals is essential.

Does anyone have experience with STM32F103C8T6 config to Arduino and Nextion display?

To do via Arduino IDE C++

   visit forums

hi Per

nextions do work with stm32duino however the nextion libraries do not.

there are some tutorials on how to comunicate between the 2 without the libraries see:- 

also see the 3 other tutorials linked to on that page. 

although it is written for an uno it work the same for the stm32.

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