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RTC Alarm Interrupt : Nextion 3.2" Enhanced Model


I have Nextion 3.2" Enhanced Model touchscreen and designing an automated plant care system using Arduino. 

The manual control is completed (Here My GitHuband I have thought of ways to complete automated design but why not use Alarm interrupt of the RTC module that is embedded in Nextion Enhanced Model which is shown in the picture I took recently; NXP Semiconductors 8563T



Is there any possible way that RTC Alarm Interrupt can be used now or in the future with some updates ?

Best Regards,

Mustafa Murat Akçayiğit

The Alarm of the RTC is not currently used.  It perhaps could be a future consideration.

As an HMI display I would question if the screen should be in control of such things as alarms

This would perhaps be better suited for the connecting MCU's RTC to control and trigger such alarms.

Saying that, it is possible to create an Alarm within Nextion Logic with a little code.

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Thanks for the informative response,

Nextion display is so far embracing most of the hard work for my designs and I am really thankful for it. I will remain up-to-date for the further RTC developments.

Best Regards.

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