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RTC with NEXTION baud rate set to 57600

Hi guys,

In ony of my projects I use one 5'' enhaced Nextion display and it is set to 57600 and in another project I have another one also enhanced set to 9600. 

This week I only had with me the 57600 one and had to debug some stuff on the project that I normally use the display which is configured to 9600 bps.

So I uploaded the .tft file from the 9600 bps project to the touch conf at 57600 and then I just changed the serial baudrate of my .ino sketch and everything works except the RTC. I have the RTC normally working on 6 pages and it only works on page 0, all the other page are 00.00.0000 00.00.00 and only when I press one of the buttons the RTC refreshes but it locks right away, only after the next button touched it will refresh.

Now, this does not happen at all with baudrate set to 9600, everything works perfectly.

Did anyone notice this? I have tried another 5'' enhanced set to 57600 bps just in case there was a problem with this one and still the same problem.

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Please upload your offending HMI source file.

There surely would be a reason why it seems to only function from one page.

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