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use sonoff device with another application - WITHOUT REFLASHING!!!

i want to write application to replace eweLink, but i dont want flash device.

is it possible?

i allready have mqtt server, app and any device.

i want to add sonoff to my system/app without flashing

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Dear fyv, - Like you do, I not feel me comfortable to trust EweLink, in case where development solutions go to my customer. I like the idea from ITEAD, to build intelligent solutions, based one selected existing modules. 

If I over the next 2 years by/sell thousand of solutions, and so potently the customer/user not will be able to connect E-weLink - have seen many example at this yearly in this forum. It is bad business for all. 

What idea do you have to make a new connections platform? I do also have some server capacity available here, if we need some random security for the end user.


HCM Development


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I too want this. A simple API would do the trick. Please release it.

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Hi, guys, did you manage to find a solution for this issue ? Has anyone managed to build his own app ?

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Doesn't make sense of how to have own APP without Reflashing.

Current software running on Sonoff contains MCU code for current APP.

For MCU to run another code, then the MCU must be programmed for such

In order to program MCU - flashing is the only method to upload your new program.

Sonoff FAQs point to ESP for such development.

- don't be so resistant to FAQs, they will help you.  Really.

There is plenty of evidence others have successfully accomplished own apps.

Strongly recommend

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