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Parenthesis and Decimal numbers in equations.

I have been trying to get some equations to work, using regular normal expressions.

fuelG.pic=46 - ((20/100)*fuel_var.val)

This should change the image displayed in the fuelG image box to the correct image in a 20 image sequence. fuel_var holds a number that was passed to it from the main MCU between 0 and 100...

The maths is sound and is a normal style of expression. But the IDE wont compile it.

Removing parenthesis obviously brakes the formula and would result is incorrect numbers being calculated.

Also you will notice 20/100 is 0.2

This is another issue the ide doesnt like handling decimals. In most normal situations a decimal would be rounded to the nearest whole number. But the compiler throws another error.

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Nextion Instruction Set states - complex expressions not supported

Order of operations requires complex expressions

Nextion is integer based without floating point

   30/100 is 0  

   250/100 is 2

   99 /25 is 3

Parsing is occurring on each operator right to left.


will parse as




The proper way to approach such is




This is not a Bug but the expected behaviour on embedded integer based level

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