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is it possible to check EEPROM read write data in Nextion editor

is it possible to check EEPROM read write data in Nextion editor.

or in real time hardware

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The Nextion Editor's Debug is not going to simulate your EEPROM

Choosing to Send Command to "Nextion Device", and Connecting to your Nextion would allow you to issue repo wepo rept wept commands from the Instruction Input Area.

As the question is on possibilities

Yes, It is possible to create a Nextion side EEPROM viewer/editor,

its been done. How practical is to? well ... who knows.


More practical is understanding the EEPROM functions

wepo writing a numeric value takes 4 bytes,

wepo writing a string value takes .txt-maxl + 1 bytes

repo reading a numeric value reads 4 bytes

repo reading a string value reads .txt-maxl or until null termination

byte addresses are 0 to 1023

rept reading will read the X given number of bytes and send to MCU

wept writing will write X given number of bytes, but there's a catch

  after the wept command there is a delay while Nextion preps

  - then the 0xFE byte is received to say it is ready

  - at this point you must write X bytes as requested

    - Nextion will not leave this point until it has been done.

  - Nextion will send return code after exiting the transparent data mode

Unless your MCU has received an EEPROM op failed return code

there wouldn't be any reason to doubt what was instructed to be written

has indeed been written.

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