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Snap to other elements like in PS or editable guide lines

Title says everything.

I have a little OCD and it would be nice to have this functions.

Of course I also recall this: :)

Hey mav

So please up-vote the older one - it hasn't been rejected.

When users split the same request across many threads - not good.

The dev team will see things like "<useless function>:  12 votes"

   and then "<your practical function>:  3 votes"

But the reality was probably more like 26 votes

    thread 1 "<your practical function>:  3 votes"

    thread 2 "<your practical function>:  5 votes"

    thread 3 "<your practical function>:  1 votes"

    thread 4 "<your practical function>:  6 votes"

    thread 5 "<your practical function>:  4 votes"

    thread 6 "<your practical function>:  7 votes"

Meanwhile - useless gets implemented as "more" people wanted it.

You could up vote your referenced thread and ask me to delete this thread.

But it isnt this same request. It's one of possiblites to make nextion even more friendly :)

Slightly different yes.

You do know that you can hold ctrl and right click (prevent movement) to multi-select and then move with mouse and arrow keys to fine precision?  Not exactly the same, but may help.

Yes, but then all of elements move. If I only can see all "wireframes" but move only one element it would be also nice. For now I select all elements, see, deselect, move, select again.

This feature with ctrl is nice. I don't know it. Sooooo, if holding shift could be working vice versa - prevent of move all of selected elements, but this one holding with mouse?

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