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My use of nextion device

So, i'm not only complain all the time :)

I want to show you my tool which is created with nextion. It isnt complete for now, and i don't have translation of it, but you are smart guys and possible you can understand most of it even without words.

Thank you for Your product.

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Bravo.  It would be best if you can give a brief description for here in the Gallery.

Im working on universal driver for timelapse/motion for three DC motors with encoders to make sure, that head of slider is in right position, and rotated to specific angle. 

In main screen you can set maximum speed of motors (on this three sliders), switch reverse mode, or turn axis down. Also assign all axis of joysticks/knob to needed axis.

In timelapse mode user can on screen set time of pauses, number of photos etc. 

Set start/stop positions and see them.

This is still "alpha" version :)



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just to mention ... YouTube is ok in general, but be aware that not everybody in the world is able to access ...
So, a few photos or even a short film can also be uploaded here ... :-)

Again GREAT project ... go ahead ...

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