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i want use RECIPE feature as we use in PLC is it possible.

i am new user on this project. i want to use 'recipe' feature as we use in PLC software. i have file system with lot of data. my project is File system based. minimum i need 100 files and each file must have 100 pages and i each page there is 8 places where data input will be write. please help me on this topic

thank you very much

The first step to attempt what you describe is to separate the role of the Nextion from the other roles within your project.  Personally I do not think that the Nextion would make a great data entry for 80,000 pieces of data by tapping a stylus on the Nextion screen.  The Nextion is certainly not file based, and such files would have to be handled MCU side.  Starting with this limitation and the usability consideration, one would have to define what the role of the Nextion would actually be.  Knowing a precise role, perhaps then the Nextion specifics could be approached.

Examine the Nextion Instruction Set, attempt some basics in the Nextion Editor.  Select which roles the Nextion is to have and build those roles.  But this work will indeed need to be done by you.

Another question I have is who would be the poor soul that would have to data enter all that info via a touch console?  Assuming an average of even 5 chars+ enter per entry - the project would request a user tap near 1/2 million times.

This is why physical keyboards were made to handle such endurance requirements.  One would have to question how many times the touch overlay would need to be replaced - these are also not user replaceable.  Even if it was possible, doesn't necessarily mean that it should be done.

sir, i am very thankful u for prompt reply. it is realy a great help for me. here i am sending a picture with program sample. this is the way we make program. i will supply my product with some sample files. user will copy from there and user no need to write every thing in every page. some time according to design they need to change something otherwise 90% program is same. i mark here with RED where he can change.some time design is small and it close in 7-8 pages some time it is big when user make a big sweaters so our machine capability must be big so i select 100 page for 1 file


I can not assist programming on this project.

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