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how can a same keypad use to many page

i am looking a solution for keypad. i want to use 1 keypad for all my pages. how it can possible.


my keypad and page code detail is below

please give any solution


Ahh okay your question is also Free Chat section - good.

You must unlock the corresponding keyboard in Nextion Editor and examine the code. The variables it used and coding are important - your custom keyboard must also use the same variables for loading text and values and same return logic for returning text and values.

Only when this part is matching would you want to export yours as a page to replace the one that came with the editor.

PS> Variables with spaces in name may work, but personally I would avoid such as they are problematic and may be interpreted as delimiters for parameters.

thank you very much for you help here i am sending you 1 more picture please see this i think this picture will clear every thing. i upload these photos in Nextion DEBUG mode.

in last Picture 'Copy To" this is SOURCE FILE NO page.


sir please check this issue and give me some suggestion 

Are from and to component .vscope attributes global on both pages?

If not there is no means to know what is not in memory

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