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Bug in forum

Whenever I post or start topic in this forum I get this:

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Yup, I get that too,

I have to go back a page then refresh to see my post.

Which browsers is this happening with?

Which regions is this happening in?

UK, with latest Chrome, but issue has been present for sometime now.

I've just been putting up with my workaround.

Hey Steve - how long is sometime? 

(I'll get Jerry to contact service provider if it is long)

Im also using chrome, win 10. It's happening from a week, maybe longer.

Possibly a couple of months now.

yeah.  The displayed "take a look at it shortly" and months

  - kind of a contradiction.  Shortly should be shortly.

I am using IE and Edge, no issues in 7 months ( ... knock on wood )

I'll report it to Jerry

I get the same error message every time I post a message. 

I just go back and refresh to see that my message has actually been posted correctly.

This happens with Chrome and Edge on Windows 10 (64-bit).

This has happened from the first time I posted a message on the forum, more than one year ago... :-)

Same here.

Since i am here. Chrome and FireFox :)

I posted 2 posts today, and I didn't get the usual error message, so it seems like something has been changed :-)

I'm still having it.

Still got it here too....

Anyone want to repair this? It's still there.


Due to some odd behaviour on other sites that I frequent, it was determined that the best action would be to clear out all browser cache and cookie content etc.

After doing just that, I can report this bug is no longer present when I use this forum :) 

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