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Stump the Chump - Nextion Challenge

Okay, so here it is.  [14 ideas received]

I wanted 21 ideas from the users that can be turned into a How to Do.

1) The problem needing to be solved has to be Nextion based

2) The problem is not how to do in Arduino or specific MCU

3) The problem does not require needing external sensors.

4) Do not duplicate what someone already asks for.

So step up and present your idea - first 21 unique ideas are taken

A user providing an accepted ideas will receive all 21 solutions.

#1) Slide in from Any Side   [Done]

#2) Text Fade-in Fade-out on Crop Image   [Done]

#3) Editable Drop Down List   [Done]

#4) 4 Op Floating Point Calculator   [Done]

#5) Popup Notification w/ Page Jump   [Done]

#6) Customizable Icon Tray with customizable send   [Done]

#7) First Time Only and Subsequent Use Pages [Done]

#8) Highlight component based on change [Done]

#9) Change .key less Button .txt using keyboard [Done]

#10) Countdown Timer halting at zero [Done]

#11) Waveform change values by touch options [Done]

#12) Waveform Time Scales [Done]

#13) The Searcher [Done]

#14) Circular Gauge with Number inside [Done]

One must put a challenge forward to get a solution.

Onlookers only see the TFTs

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Idea 1)

Carrying on form this thread.  It would be nice to allow for tabs to slide in from the left or top.  Starting with Gerry's tab idea, I have been trying unsuccessfully to have tabs gracefully slide out from the left and down from the top.  I believe the issue is the Editor not allowing non-negative values.

Idea 2)

that may belong in the feature requests section is the ability to set transparency on text elements. What I would like to do is have a text element set with the Crop Image property (showing the background) and have it show dim on the screen.  As an example, a touch event could trigger a for loop that would allow you to change the transparency on the fly.. i.e. start at 20 and go to 100, hold it there for a few seconds, then back down to 20.   This would be useful to have elements dynamically appear based on touch or timer events.

Idea 1) Accepted  - 20 slots remaining   [Solved]

Idea 2) I have to get a clarification.  If I am understanding correctly - ONLY the TEXT is to fade in, and then fade out without effecting any other background parts.  We of course can't change the nature of transparency in firmware.  If this is correct, I can accept idea #2

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Correct.  Imagine a blank space of area showing some background image. Then tapping it would init a text component to appear using some sort of transparency change.   Example.  My WIoT app allows me to the weather icon for each day to see forecast text. Currently, I have a window pop up show it.  It would be nice to be able to have that text fade in and then back out after X seconds in a blank area of the screen.  Hmm.. Now I have myself thinking about how I can do this with a background "speech bubble of sorts" using what I just learned about slide out tabs!!! .. Anyway, that's the idea.

Idea #2) Accepted - 19 slots remaining.   [Solved]

(444 KB)

 idea #1) done

 idea #2) done


A nice, editable (like a template) dropdown list? :)

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#3 Editable drop down list) Accepted - 18 slots remaining.  [Solved]

(171 KB)

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idea 3#) done


- display different entries

- entries are text

- entries can be scrolled

- text can be changed even at runtime

- ...

- just a ComboBox ...

(476 KB)

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How about a fairly simple floating point calculator, add, subtract, multiply, and divide.  

It would have to be limited to low precision and  subject to rounding errors.

#4 Simple 4 OP floating point calculator)  Accepted.   [Finally Solved on 01/22]

Using two integers for whole and partial of float

- Two register r0 and r1

- Decimal moves or removed as required

- maximum resolution of .0001, 8 digits

- Supported functions + - / *

- DIV0 and overflow checking

Congrats to Gerry who was quicker at providing a solution

(180 KB)

idea 4#) done

- just simulates a business calculator

- numbers are always entered in full decimals way 500 as 5,00 or 450 as 4,50

- no need for separate comma input

- all 4 basic calculations are supported " + - * / "

- number range is 8 with 2 decimals


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Hello Patrick and Gerry, 

Is it possible to have a notification pop up on the screen and then go away after a certain time? 

Notification should include a text display and maybe if you touch (hotspot) the notification it should take you to another page.



#5 PopUp Notification is slightly different. w/page jump if responded to.  Accepted  [Solved]

Custom message set at msg.txt

Custom page jump set at pg.val

Timer set to custom cntr.val count

triggered by sending click m0,1

Could you make a user customizable icon tray? I picture some little "tray" to the side or bottom with four our five blank spaces. When the user presses and holds one of the spaces for a while it will take them to a page of icons that they can select. After selecting an icon it will then go to a keyboard where they can enter a string. The nextion well save the icon choice and string to eeprom and then back at the main page the blank space will now show the chosen icon. If the icon is touched the display will send the saved string to the connected device. Obviously the ability to save the icon and string limits this idea to an enhanced display but with a little work it could be implemented on a regular screen and any connected device with the right memory.