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Lines on both sides of textbox with border

In my project I'm using textboxes, and buttons with a border.

On both sides of some textboxes or buttons a white line is appearing over the whole height of the screen. (See picture below.)

I did try several background colors, and border colors of the textboxes.
Still the lines are appearing. The lines will only disappear if i make the border color the same as the background color of the loaded page.
Strange thing is that it is only happening with some textboxes and buttons. Some are normal others not..

What am i missing? How i can make those lines disappear without changing the border color to the pages background color?

I'm sure the power supply is fine. It's regulated 5VDC from a lab power supply.

The HMI is a NX4024T032_011, Using Nextion editor v0.43.


Leave TFT on your Nextion

Test with a phone charger and test plug that came with the Nextion

Power on, and see if the result remains the same.

(If need be, put the command in the TFT to launch this page)

Okay. I did try it with the phone charger 1000ma 5vdc connected to the test plug.
Unfortunately no difference. The problem still persists.

The lines are showing up on multiple pages and on different places.
It's seems always at the edges of the buttons and textboxes.
If i set "borderc" from the testboxes same as the page "bco", the lines are away..

Anything else i can try?


I did measure: 5.02vdc on the Nextion pcb between +5v  and gnd.
With only the Nextion connected i'm using 100ma.


See if you can reproduce it where it is more pronounced It seems very dim at best - I am sure camera maybe not catch
it as much as you are seeing

try to get PNG picture at high quality

High quality does not mean BIG photo
But less compression

Possible the transistor within matrix has been damaged

Possible causes of such effect is
- high pressure

- impact

- temperature shock

- wet from condensation

Is it occurring at same spot every time?

When screen is designed differently, what is the effect

I have made some pics of several screens with another camera. On every screen it's always on the same place every time that the page is loaded..

The stripe's from the one screen are not showing on another screen.

I will attach 5 .jpg pictures (.png uses 3x more mb's here) in better quality.

Indeed it's a little difficult to catch it on camera. It's not 100% but i think it's clear enough to see..

SCR_1:  Lines showing in left of screen between buttons clear / pid user

SCR_2:  Lines showing in right of screen

SCR_3: No lines are appearing

(1.38 MB)
(1.67 MB)
(1.16 MB)
(1.78 MB)
(1.25 MB)
Here the pictures of SCR2 with "borderc" set to the same color as the background.

Now the lines are away... It's magic :-)

For me it seems like it has anything to do with the border color??
With ather border colors, the stripes are also there, depending on the color it is more or less...


ok, now I can see the issue. Short answer, the integrated column driver circuit has some slight variations in driving the different columns. Different colors are based on different voltage for the underlaying transistor matrix.

Due to whatever reason, some of this matrix lines are driven too weak, according to the color they shell represent.

The bad news are, there is nothing you can really do about to fix it. The effect itself will be more obviouse the more big areas of same colors you use.

It is also possible, that this effect will increase with the time. More such wrong driven columns will appear ...

Sorry to say that. How old is this display and where did you buy it, maybe a warranty regulation may play?

That's to bad, fortunately the display is ordered only one month ago and is still in it's guaranty period.
I will contact the eBay seller :)
I'm still waiting for my enchanted 3.5" display who i expect to receive next week.
Hope that display is not showing the lines..

If i understand you right it's a rear mall function of this display what normally not will happen within 3 years of normal use?


honestly, I know this phenmenon +30 years ago, when the first TFT LCD's have been introduced, and the few manufacturers had problems in compensating production tolerances ... but today ... normally this shouldn't happen ...

- maybe wrong storage at eBays dealer side ...
- maybe a refurbished and not a brandnew one ...
- maybe 2. choice sales ...
- ...

Just out of curiosity, is it at eBay such remarkable more cheap that it is worth the risk?


Hehe... i also thought it was more cheap because it's from eBay.
But when i was looking around in the iTead web shop last week i saw iTead sold them for 2$ less :(
Only point is i have to pay for shipping, what make's iTead a few $ more expensive..
So probably next time i buy from iTead's web shop including the bezel..

I'm already buying stuff from eBay for many years, and this is the first problem I'm facing. Thereby buyers are protected quiet well. Only problem is it can take many weeks before you finally receive your goods :P

Anyway thanks for all the help, and a good night..


isn't there an official reseller in your country? Then even no shipping cost ... ?

with platforms like eBay, TaoBao, AliPay, ...  you can have a lot of luck (and normally you have), but it is still not the same than buy from an official distributor or reseller ...

There are many reliable dealers out there, but also a great number of others ... and even you had a great luck for the past, this is no guarrantee for the next ...

I was not able to find any reseller from Nextion in the Netherlands..

Now I also think it's safer to prevent any future issues and just pay a few more $$, by buying from a official re-seller...

"Good" news is..
I've already received a 100% refund for the mall functioning HMI from the eBay seller without the need of return the mall-functioning HMI.. Maybe it can be useful for any stress-test purpose :P


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