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Input MCU return data lagging in debug mode

Hi, in my project I send many values to nextion per second. Event delay about 40ms works very fine on screen.

But in debug mode this quicky lag editor, and only clearing data can help to move further.

For now im setting different timeout for testing is 300ms, for device 40ms. But it would be nice, if simulation (on pc faster machine) works exactly at the same speed, as device.

and where is the bug?

in an ideal world, using an ideal Operating System on an ideal PC everything runs perfect, at least in theory ...

sorry, but unfortunately none of the above hits reality ...


- you are not using a perfect Operating System

- neither you nor anybody else will use the Nextion Editor on his system exclusively

- to run your editor your system already executes a lot of things running in the background ...

- and unfortunately, Windows OS does not really and consequently encapsulate processes as completely independent tasks

- and it is in the nature of a Windows OS, that the user runs many other things ... which may influence something other ... just remember flickering videos when your OS get a hiccup ...

- and not to forget, everybody uses his own system with his own preferences, which may or maynot influence others ...

The goal of the Nextion Editor is not debugging, it's goal is easy visual HMI design ...

The debugger shell give you a quick possibility to check your code logic in general. But it is a debugger and not a Realtime-Simulator, sorry ...

The best Realtime-Simulator is just your Nextion device ...

Yeah, but for me it's better to testing with PC where i can quickly edit elements and test it instantly, than reconnect device to PC, upload, reconnect to MCU and test.

Still I don't get, why simulation on almost 4GHz/32GBram PC is slower, and why even should be :)

Maybe checkbox "don't display messages" (also not store them) could speed up simulation? Someone asked for it before:

I think we want the same thing.

"The goal of the Nextion Editor is not debugging, it's goal is easy visual HMI design "

But what if I using your display also for viewing actuall state from more devices, like gauges, sensors and want to refresh they values on screen immediately. And it need high refreshing rate - more messages to read. 

For me nextion is also very cool display device, easy to implement. This product is nice, but these small things can lower my enjoy rate :)

This is a feature request and not a bug.

Even as a feature request, the dev team is currently working on other firmware capabilities.  The simulator follows sequential processing to allow you to debug the HMI workflow, but is in no way represented as a real time device replacement.

So, if You can move this topic to request forum and consider this in future, it would be very nice :)

I can not move between sections this ... however, it will be represented.

I can only suggest recommendations, the decision of if, when and timetable

is up to if the recommendation is accepted, and when they prioritize.

But, that being said, the result will not be a real time emulation.

as alredy stated, the Editor is a visual HMI designer and no RealTime Replacement ... sorry ... but I don't see a big chance in the near future ... limited development ressources can't be spend twice ...

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