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Slide out Tabs

It would be great to see a slide out tab.  Sort of like what we get with today's smart phones where a small tab is at the side of the screen.  You touch / swipe it and a window slides out showing more information.  It would be good to have it do this without the need to refresh the main page.  This would be useful where you have a busy project screen and want to hide less important info and call on it as needed.  Instead of having to flip to another page, and then refresh when coming back.

yp, with a dual core SnapDragon, 4G Ram and an underlaying Android OS you definitely can do slick things ...

but unfortunately, the Nextion is another category of hardware ...

Hey Dave

Such a feature requires virtual screen space,

- somewhere to store what is hidden under layers.

There is no such means on the Nextions limited Nextion side MCU

- 8K to 20K of SRAM, weighed against the size of your slide out Tab

When we consider the smallest slide out tab of a 240 pixel height

- each pixel column is 240 pixels * 18 bits in GRAM / 8 bits = 540 bytes

IF all SRAM were somehow available (dumping firmware and HMI)

 - this would not yield a 16 pixel wide tab before the 8K was exhausted

By the time we get up to the Enhanced Models with 20K

 - if fails before you get to 38 pixels exhausting all available SRAM

On a larger model, this width is reduced, used in height.

and 1/2 of what I calculated (2.4" and 2.8") for the 5" and 7" models.

Changing pages, keeping firmware, dumping current to load new

- is exactly how the firmware is able to do so much in only 8K or 20K

Well then, off you go.  Make it so!   LOL...   

Darn.. It seems so much better than the other TFTs I have that draw pixel-by-pixel.   that I figured it had more under the hood.  That said, I have a few BuyDisplay units that have a layering feature - this is what made me think of this idea.   Their units dont have much horsepower either.  Anyway... one can dream...

You are still stuck with needing to refresh the underlying page on return

BUT ....

In the page you'll use for your slide out,

  try setting your page .sta  to no background

It presents your new overlay page while still seeing through to below.

But it will do a complete refresh on returning to the last page

The other aspect is having this slide out set to vis X,0 on load

It is contained within the page, but set with no visibility until needed

then vis X,1 will bring it top side, do whatever vis X,0 removes it

This stays within the page, no refresh required on return

but is a challenge at design time as it is always visible in your design canvas

... but still doable

it is a fact, a Nextion is no SnapDragon, BUT that does not mean that you can't do it ...

To SlideIn some additional Infos without leave your page is indeed a very easy task. No need to implement any new feature, just use what you already have ...

All the rest is up to you, your logic, your phantasy and your design ideas ...

If you slidein a whole page, or only a small informational tab, thats up to you ... and best, you don't even use valuable sRam ...

(398 KB)

Thx for the feedback guys. As always, very helpful and rapid responses.  I'll check out that HMI sometime tonight.  I'm still kicking myself as to why I did not jump on the Nextion bandwagon sooner.  Best display I've worked with yet.    

 updated HMI, click text OR right button ... :-)


- press the colored tabs at right ...

- press downarea of screen to slide up Taskbar

- press Start on Taskbar

- after 2.5 sec. of no press, all disappear ...

- slides are non blocking, you also can activate more than one in different order

- the last clicked is always on top

- press left-down area once to show Taskbar

- press same area but now with visible Taskbar (Start)

endless possibilities for sliding interactions ... the limit is yours ...  :-)


This is great Gerry...  Now will have to do some testing / trickery to get text elements to appear in front and maybe also slide with it to appear as a slide out form with values...  Will report back...

Don't think this is possible, but is there a trick way to move text elements dynamically on the page (x/y) coord changes?  I see the x y elements are not green, so think the answer is no. Has a feature request been raised for this?

Hey Dave

Components can not dynamically move, but text can be dynamically written.

See the GUI Designing Command section of the Nextion Instruction Set

Components will be stored in the TFT's lookup tables,

while GUI has no such lookup tables and must be initiated from code.

With a little work, the two can be merged into some very neat effects.

Thx. I see.  Going to play around with xstr, pic and fill to see what I can whip up... 

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