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Ewelink timer

Being able to use Ewelink to generate a momentary switch as a 1 second timer woujld be useful.  Currently minutes is the finest resolution.  Could you add the ability to control in the seconds range?  I use it for my garage door and have to turn it on then manually turn it back off.

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Maybe a short trigger would be better and more useful.

Instead a on/off switch a ON-trigger for 2s.

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I think a 2-3 seconds temporary ON will be great to activate electrical lock doors or motorized doors which requiere only a pulse normally created with a manual push button.

Also, it will be nice have a random time function limited in a period of time. For safety reasons will help to avoid burglars that notice that a light turns on and off at exact times during the day-nigth.

For instance:

ON: Between: 8:00 PM - 8:20Pm (the exact time will be assigned randomly)

OFF Between:  6:00 AM to 6:40AM (the exact time will be assigned randomly)

I hope you consider this function in future realeases.


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