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Garage Door opener status

A new product that would be very useful would be an Inching /Self-Locking WiFi Wireless Switch with 2 leads that could be connected to something such as a reed switch that would report back the status as being open or closed.  This would make a simple WiFi device that could be used on items such as a garage door opener.  I use a Itching /Self-Locking WiFi Wireless Switch  now to control my opener but having the reporting feature would be very beneficial. 

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I would agree.

This seems a great idea and implementation, if only it worked with ewelink. Itead should get on it.

Itead needs to look at this and make their own.

I'm using a sonoff momentary switch right now to control my door. It would be very easy for Itead to incorporate an open or closed status using a simple magnetic reed switch.

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I did put in a ticket in back in January - 



Hi Eddie, the link you posted doesn't work... Good idea to realise an input for a switching sensor and give it's status to ewelink. I would use it to control my coffee maschine for starting the warmup by using/controlling the signal to the power LED (looking if it's on, off or switching it on if it's off) Regards Michael
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