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Nextion LCD Logging Temp & Humidity Graph?

I want to create something like this graph is my nextion lcd, any help / project please?


some other e.g photos :



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Your objective is relatively clear.  Your questions is too vague or not existent.

How i create this with Nextion LCD 4.3" and Arduino?

Yes.  You create it with Nextion Editor and Arduino.

Surely no one will do this for you.

I would use a Waveform component.

Perhaps even look at the Waveform example to get ideas

I provided a link above so you can become familiar with Nextion

No mater how many times I read the information

this will not increase your understanding

This is found in the links contained within the HMI Solutions link

You must begin to read yourself for you to know

I also will not do all your looking for you

Especially when Arduino Nextion Examples is top most thread in Free Chat

Thanks for answers.. And how to connect temperature with e.g. Red line?

Waveform can support up to 4 channels

 - this is selected by the user by changing the ch attribute

pcoX is the color for X channel

Your MCU must use the add command to send value over serial

Revisit the Nextion Instruction set for how to use the add command

Examine the Arduino Waveform example

hi again, i want to save my arduino temperature / humidity sensor in sd card .. this is possible to nextion sd card slot? or i must add new sd card slot something like this :

You will require something like that MCU side.

The Nextion microSD is limited to TFT transfer at present

You can check visuino software It has support of nextion Easy to use through block level programming
Easily waveform in visuino on nextion lcd
With out visuino its so hard?
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