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Documentation Examples are incorrect

 Dear Sirs,

Just some issues I found in the documentation.

Please correct the examples op page

Some commands are written with spaces between the variables (or constants).

But spaces are not accepted.


3.6 fill x, y, w, h, color
3.7 line x, y, x2, y2, color
3.8 draw x, y, x2, y2, color
3.9 cir x, y, r, color
3.10 cirs x, y, r, color

click b0, 1

add 1, 0, 30

addt 1, 0, 100


There is no statement that the commands are both for programming and communication.

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So why did you not include it in the

       Already Existing thread at the top of Report a BUG

* Grammatical Errors, and Document Corrections

I will delete from here and add there

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