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[Forum] "Unread posts" as link

 Hanging around here a lot more lately, I really miss a "See unread posts" link that other forums provide. I am a bit older ;-) and reading the little green lines to see when the last post was made is strenuous for me.

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My tricks?  I visit often ... too often ... LOL.

Tip 1)  The Nextion forum starts

Five categories

Top five show - sticky thread at most top (made so by staff)

and the most recently responded to threads to fill in to a count of five.

Clicking on a Category from the main page with Recent selected

shows the most recently responded to threads for a count of 10.

Knowing this, I can usually see what I have yet to read that is new.

Cycling through at the oldest of these first, or into several new tabs.

Tip 2) Follow a whole category

If you click on the category from the main page

on the upper right you have an option button Follow/Following

When you are following a category each new entry will be emailed to you

This is a double edged sword

A) You never miss a post - it gets emailed to you

B) You never miss a post - it gets emailed to you

When the spammers hit the board in December with 200+ spam posts

-- well you get a copy of all that too, but this has rarely happened.

Tip 3) Just reply to everything .. (I am really just kidding)

When I see a post where the last person who replied isn't me

well, there is probably something posted there that I may have missed

Sorry, I had to be funny.

The hurdle here is that the company charging for their forum platform charges

so deeply for each available feature, and even a temporary platform alteration

becomes a perpetual monthly increase, so we work within what we can.

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