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QWER"T"Y keyboard


to put an end to the "missing T" discussion in regards to the newly added keyboard and to test the new export page feature: here is a QWERTY keyboard - feel free to use, modify or ignore it :-)

Some more punctuation characters have been added, plus a "loadcmplbl" global variable that will be shown above the input area.

(93.9 KB)

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It actually looks like a QWER"Y"Y keyboard :-)


Qw, silly me... That's just a leftover from copy&paste - once you clicked on the CAPS key, everything's fine. Anyway, here comes the _real_ QWERTY :)


(93.9 KB)

Can't quite put an end to the discussion, since it only works for the screen size for which it was developed. 

What size is that (since it obviously isn't the 2.4" that I'm using)?

But thanks for sharing.

4,3" enhanced. I doubt a keyboard with that many keys makes sense on a 2.4" at all. I got one here myself - you would need a stylus to hit the keys.


The one included under the key attribute in V0.42 displays perfectly well on a 2.4" screen and is usable.

Yes, a stylus helps.

Another fix for the default qwerty keyboard included in v0.42 of the Nextion Editor. This one is for the 3.2" screen in horizontal orientation. These are the changes I've made:

  • add the missing key in the upper row. The DEL key now is narrower.
  • include all ASCII printable characters.
  • in order to include them all I had to add an additional mode. Now the mode key in the lower left corner cycles in this sequence: 123 -> SYM -> abc
Lower case:


Upper case:




New symbol mode to include the few characters missing in the numeric mode:


No other changes were made to the fonts or the appearance.

I hope it helps. Comments are welcomed.

(78.9 KB)

Here are my versions of the V0.42 qwerty keyboard with "t" added for 2.4" 320x240 and 240x320.

In addition to the narrowing of the DEL key and adding a new key so that "tyuiop" would fit, the trick was finding the "refshow" touch area and adding "t" and "T" there.

To copy these into the proper folders, "240320" and "320240", in the "keyboardn" folder where your Nextion Editor has been installed, you must have "Administrator Privileges". On my laptop I started Windows Explorer by right clicking and clicking "Run as Administrator".

Once copied in this way, this keyboard will be selected when you select "full qwerty" under the key attribute (for a 320x240 device). Depending on your display orientation, the 320x240 version or the 240x320 version will appear.

You must rename in each folder and rename and to

I've tested briefly in simulation and on my Nextion. What I tested worked, but no guarantees.


Stylus probably needed on these.

Feel free to modify with or without attribution. Loving the page export and import feature.

(77.4 KB)
(78.9 KB)

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And thanks to the original designer, whose work I modified only slightly. He/she did all the hard work.

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