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Simulation and MCU return data dissable option


I noticed that when the text boxes in simulator have a lot of lines 500+ of data history simulator starts to response slower, after cleaning them it works great again.

It would be nice if you can add a button to disable data view and keep them clean.

Thank you

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Why not just set bkcmd accordingly in NexHardware NexInit() function

Then there is way less traffic

True, but that's a "duck tape" solution like pressing "clear" (which doesn't evolve and any code mod) but it's not always possible if for example the project is based on screen feedback.

Assuming that the emulator is capable of listening events (like when pressing "clear") it would be very easy to add a few lines of code to enable or disable an event with a CheckBox when the  List widgets item is added. If its enabled event triggers and removes last item. It doesn't have to modify any existing code or add if statements etc.. Just an event I don't think that it will have any impact in development process but it depends on simulator code.

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