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Wepo after "OK" from new keyboard function


This morning I update my Nextion Editor.

I saw the new keyboard that you now added. I'm interested to use it but I figure something it will be hard to program now with this one.

With previous keyboard, I used the "Ok" return button to make the wepo of the new value entered.

Each wepo (component) is programmed to a different memory address. I checked the way you program your "OK" keyboard button and it's difficult to figure how to add wepo writing to different memory address!

To fit the way you programmed it, the memory address assignment need to be know by the system. I think it could be a nice field to add in the component attribute. Like that it will be possible to call that value like page id and component id and write the good wepo command by itself like you did with two other component.

Yes, for sure it could be reprogram again with : if (loadcmpid.val = X), wepo to X address but I think you made this new keyboard to avoid that manual programming! 

Thank you for the new improvements. Your product became better at each update!

Stephane Jean

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