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Questions regarding release V0.42

1. Item 4 in the "New in Verison 0.42" list is: "4. Increase the system built-in virtual keyboard (text controls and digital controls can be set directly in the property area of ​​the keyboard binding)"

Can someone explain more fully what this means?

2. I've downloaded and installed V0.42 and successfully used its new color attribute feature. But when I start an HMI file that I've downloaded from the Gallery (for instance, Patrick Martin's keypass.hmi) by double-clicking it in windows explorer, it asks if I want to download the new version, V0.42 (which I've already done), and starts V0.41. 

I've fixed this by going into windows explorer, right clicking on the keypass.hmi file, selecting "open with", "choose program" and selecting the second "HMI" (which is indistinguishable from the first "HMI"). Now future double-clicks of an HMI file results in starting with V0.42. It might be good for other users if the installation process made this selection.

Also like the page export/import function--makes it easy to make different pages which have similar visual appearances.

the page import/export comes with examples of imported pages that are tied into number and text components new .key attribute. (including a missing T, but focus on the example).

So pop a Text component on a fresh page canvas and in the .key attribute pull down for which key pad layout you want.

You can unlock the pages, reset syspage reloads, alter it etc.  Lot of new things in the way the users will be able to share code amongst the community.  Too new to know all the possibilities yet

Very cool, but unfortunately missing the "t".

(2.86 KB)

Oops, missing "t" as you said (but I didn't understand in that context. Still cool.

The context was someone wanted to make a bug report about the missing T and missed the entire point of page import/export.  But in all honesty, even if the T existed, the font does not suit my taste (wouldn't be a bug), and the style doesn't suit my design (also not a bug).  So the example needs rework no matter what to make it awesome to one's own tastes and HMI theme. (Ugly is also not a bug).

But, this whole page import/export thing will make sharing awesome.

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