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Scaling tool for 2.4" to 3.5" transition

Is there a tool which can scale (up/down) the pages and objects of a project from one size to another?

I understand that images could be a problem, though there are other software tools which handle that (gimp), so perhaps a solution could be found.

Currently such a Nextion tool is available as vapour-ware.

The actually application of truly handling a project scaling would also involve the zi font handling to enlarge all objects and all data matrices.  Actually scaling such would not be a good design on the pixel based Nextion where it costs additional and unnecessary cycles in oversized font handling.  The result will look skewed.

But if someone wanted to finance the development of such a tool, it could be done with the correct team

 when I decide to use a bigger screen, I normally do this because of the more on visual space ... sense of bigger ones is not to display bloated objects, sence is to display more objects ...

I just imagine, how a former 2.4' design looks on a 7' display ... not to forget different aspect ratios of different displays ...

320x240 1.33333

480x320 1.5

Thanks for the replies. None available then. The different aspect rations would be an issue. The fonts would as well, though I wonder if a 16-point font is any different on a larger screen than on a smaller (I know I'm asking an expert here). (And considering further, the aspect ratio would affect the fonts, wouldn't it?)

I ask because I'm considering a design for someone whose eyesight is such that he will want a 7" screen, but I don't really want to pay for a 7" screen for myself. 

I just asked on the off chance. I can see why such a tool would not be a priority for most people.

a 16 points font is always a 16 points font ... but where is the sense of scaling a button to a bigger size and keep the font small? A partially scaling is also tricky, and what is with scaling down?

Scaling is Scaling ... autoscaling of all or partially is not a good idea, in any case you must rework your design. And a rework can be more time consuming than a complete redesign ...


ZI Font are not measured in pts, but rather pixels.  Fonts are 1/2h width and heights are multiples of 8.

Therefore in a 8x16 Font, the character on any size screen occupies 8x16 pixels.

Fonts are also mono-bit, so many pixel adjustments per each char are really needed overall

Thank you both for that information. 

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